Something to raise in your Trust?

Problems or ideas in your Trust you cannot raise?
Well now you can using MakeMyTrustBetter anonymous messaging app.

We all know the problem

A great idea

Something’s not working

Treatment of staff, patients, even you which just is not right

A serious problem happening or in the making.

…Yet nobody can raise it.

This is common. It could be the organisation, it could be one or two people, or it could be personal concerns. Help improve your Trust – for the Trust, for its patients and other staff TODAY.

Using MakeMyTrustBetter you can send an anonymous message to management in your Trust. Just add your Trust name and your message and send.

You don’t have to include your own details.

Don’t sit on a suggestion, improvement or problem, raise it now. Stop just being frustrated and suggest how to improve your Trust.

No details about you are needed.

Keep it helpful and polite. We do moderate but your message is between you and the Trust and we do not collect or disclose details of who you are.

I want to make my trust better

I want to help make our trust run even better but find it hard to raise ideas or concerns. The following is a thought, idea or issue which I feel if tackled could help us improve:

If your Trust already uses WorkInConfidence please login here to use that. MakeMyTrustBetter is a free external service to help people speak up and does not replace any of the Trust’s internal systems.